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The Table come natural to any miniature house.
They are used to show off.
Used to place things on.
Used as a prop.
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another Jarrah Timber Table

Jarrah is a timber found in Western Australia and I have been carrying a block of this table with me since I graduated from the Australian School Of Fine Furniture a few years ago.
I also have, as a miniature furniture maker, a good quantity of Huon Pine which is now very restricted in Tasmania where it is still growing. Some Huon Pine is found to be 4000 years old and some much older, it was used in boat building as it contains oils that stop it rotting, some trees have been pulled from rivers and is still good for furniture and boat building.
There is still beautiful timber all over the world, a lot are in Australia.

Jarrah Miniature Table

Here is a Jarrah Timber table modelled on one seen in a table makers advert.
Post modern not seen at Harvey Norman. In a series I am slowly making from exotic timber from Australia and also from the rest of the world. Making miniature furniture needs fine grain and this fact make the search for good timber a little harder.
This table is being modelled in my Bodhi House miniature house.
While I am on the soapbox, I wish that the modern miniature furniture and miniature house makers will call them miniature houses and leave 'dollshouse whatever'terminology in the past